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eco-denkit is a project I am involved with in partnership with European Army Surplus. You cannot buy denkits from this site. You need to go to The images on this site are for reference only and the actual product will differ in colour and pattern to the ones shown as the zeltbahns are sourced from all over Europe.

Making a Den

There is something primal about making a den; a simple place to sleep, to hide, to be safe. For a child it is one of the first expressions of independence as they tentatively go out into the world. Making a den in the woods is a great adventure but it is also a great moment of connection with nature.

Eco-den kits canvas ‘zeltbahns’ (canvases) are tough, water-resistant, and sourced from redundant military surplus so they are 100% reused cotton, so the carbon footprint is tiny.

Ideal for creative outdoor learning for Forest Schools, as a general outdoor resource for any school or group, as well as families and individuals.

As well as den making the canvases can be used as picnic blankets/play mat, awnings, screens, bird hides, and used to bundle and carry loose objects.

Den making kits are available to buy from and come in a wide variety of formats from a single canvas with poles, pegs and ropes, up to a massive 10 canvases and multiples of accessories.

For suggested uses and to see some of the activities they have inspired have a look at the Where is my Shelter page.

What is so special about eco-denkits?